The Miami Dolphins and Jaguars squared off in week 3 of the preseason in Jacksonville’s Everbank Stadium Saturday August 26th. The starters from both teams played 2 offensive series where the Dolphins Tyreek Hill does what he does best, break a play wide open. On the first play from scrimmage QB Tua Tagovailoa connected with Hill on a short pass and Hill ran for a 32 yard gain. But being that the Dolphins are who we thought they were, on the very next play the center delivers a high snap and the Phins lose 25 of those 32 yards. The Dolphins go 3 and out and the Jaguars offense gets to work.

Led by Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, and rookie Tank Bigsby the team starts out fast and march right down the field. Until Bigsy shows that he does have a flaw and fumbles on the 1 yard line before the touchdown can be had. Fast Forward a bit, the Dolphins get the ball back and march down the field, but the Jags defense is able to keep them out of the endzone and they settle for a 24 yard field goal. Lawrence and the offense gets the ball back and Trevor goes to work. Hitting his weapons left and right,  Ridley for 11 and 28 yards, Zay Jones for 7 yards, Kirk for 8 yards and the dual back field is getting in on the action as well, with Travis Etienne and Bigsby with a total of 40 yards on the drive (Bigsby with a long of 14 yards). The Jags are able to punch it in with a 3 yard run from Etienne to end the night with an impressive performance from the starters Jags 7-Dolphins 3. 

The Jags pretty much rolled to a very nice victory, but the 2nd and 3rd string players played the rest of the way and I must say the team has done a great job at stacking quality depth at every position. Rookie outside linebacker Yasir Abdullah came away with a nice interception of a perfectly timed blitz from defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell. Miami’s reserve players didn’t have much of an answer for the pressure, and tight coverage Jacksonville put on display. The Jags would go on to win 31-18 and seal up a 3 and 0 preseason and look forward to starting the season on September 10th in Indianapolis. 

On a more somber note, the game was called with 8:32 left in regulation after Dolphins WR  Daewood Davis would be hit to the head and neck area and would need to be carted off the field. It was reported later in the evening that Davis regained consciousness and had feeling and was able to move his arms and legs.