The Lucky 7

By Mikaelia Richardson

Draft weekend was full of blessings as the Jaguars picked 7 lucky players for the new 2022 season. The incumbents and the team are both deserving of a spot to succeed in a league that can be so unpredictable, yet so rewarding. 

Jags fans lined the stadium to witness the historic moment, teal and black in tow, reminiscent of the football games, we as a city, love so much. 

The Lucky 7 represent the future, filled with the dreams of every Jacksonville resident, yearning for the City to be a shining representative for the entire state of Florida. For Duvalians, visits to the stadium are filled with optimism, pride, and an unmatched southern twang that rivals those in competition.

Each player represents the hard work, dedication, and passion our community embodies. Through our support, the Lucky 7 will be given a fair shot to display their talents; current players stand tall in notoriety, while our City relishes in the reputation of being the Bold New City of the South.

This is what the 2022 football season means to us, as displayed through the images of April Visuals. We look forward to capturing the essence of your memories, as well as those closest to you.