Story By Mikaelia M. Richardson

The 2022 Women at Werk conference was amazing! Women from all backgrounds attended the event, from entrepreneurs, creators, journalists, mothers, wives, and singles! Everyone was there, inspiring and networking with each other – something that women desperately need in our current social climate.

Curated by Ms. Stephanie Jones, Women at Werk serves as a safe space for women to relate to each other, gaining support in all lifestyles, no matter the age – and this year’s conference did just that.

Starting off with a “Wine and Whisky” event featuring the alcoholic goodness of Darrin Eakin’s “Dublasé” vanilla flavored whisky, local women gathered to discuss their backgrounds, roles, and goals. Seeking to develop working but relatable connections, the women danced, two-stepped, and electric slid all night long 'til the Lark lights turned on!

The next day was thee main event at the St. John Event Center, where some of Jacksonville’s most prolific women showcased their many talents, from fashion, to product production, to public speaking. Over bacon, eggs, fancy croissants, chicken wraps, and more, the women fellowshipped and listened to the stories of personal development, growth, and sisterhood.

Captured by April Visuals, we hope to continue showcasing solidarity among women via Women at Werk, and will be honored to capture your event and special experiences as well. 

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